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Edmonton, AB

We are an urban woodworking company that handcrafts beautiful, functional spaces and home products out of our downtown studio in Edmonton, Canada.

AGA Installation


Combining the powers of physical design, painting, sculpture, animation, and music, we partnered with local designers and builders to create the Drawn Outside exhibit for The Art Gallery of Alberta. The exhibit "invites families to explore the connection between art, artists and our natural world. Designed around opposites of inside/outside, man-made/natural and organic/geometric, the space encourages families to imagine what could happen if they were to go beyond a two-dimensional image."

Our role was to put on both our design and woodworking hats to build an exhibit to be enjoyed by all ages. It was an exciting new challenge for us to create an interactive space in a gallery setting. The inspiring collaboration actually led to new product ideas made of wood salvaged from the exhibit. It was a win-win.