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Edmonton, AB

We are an urban woodworking company that handcrafts beautiful, functional spaces and home products out of our downtown studio in Edmonton, Canada.

Belgravia Hub


We’re really proud of the interior work that we did for Leslie McGlennon, owner of Belgravia Hub. Leslie graduated from NAIT culinary school and is a Red Seal chef. Her vision for Belgravia included sophisticated woodworking. She came to us and we were happy to design and craft a walnut bar and wall-to-wall shelving to meet her needs and look sharp.

Local food blogger All Eric Can Eat said of Belgravia Hub: “I was expecting to walk into a casual diner/pub-type restaurant…What [I] found instead was a beautifully dark-wood decorated restaurant featuring a large, wall-to-wall wine bar playing host to a sophisticated crowd.” Belgravia Hub might be unassuming from the outside, but it actually has one of the highest-end bar tops in the city. And it remains in good shape today. Staff take care of the walnut, with love. We know, because we stop in occasionally to check on its condition and have a bite of the tasty, seasonal, local food available at the Hub.