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Edmonton, AB

We are an urban woodworking company that handcrafts beautiful, functional spaces and home products out of our downtown studio in Edmonton, Canada.



We believe in crafting well-designed experiences that enhance lifestyles and communities. 


The Oliver Apt. story began with a design-minded carpenter creating furniture and homeware to beautify, simplify, and organize his apartment in the Oliver community. Then, his friends asked to enhance their lifestyles, too. Soon the demand for cutting boards and candle arms spread throughout Oliver and beyond.

The carpenter expanded his product offering to address seating and organizational needs. He created an online store for his goods and incorporated a company. He called it Oliver Apt. to capture both its humble beginnings in a tiny apartment and the community he loves.

As Oliver Apt. handcrafted goods gained traction, so did the custom spaces that Oliver Apt. was working on in the core of the city. The carpenter transformed a few of the top restaurants in Edmonton. People noticed. Requests rolled in from the owners of other restaurants, offices, and homes. The carpenter joined forces with trusted and skilled designers and carpenters. Oliver Apt. grew into a passionate, multi-talented woodworking team that proudly creates beautiful, functional products and spaces.

That’s the Oliver Apt story. Everyday, we do what we love and collaborate with incredibly talented people who are entrepreneurs and community movers and shakers. We believe in what they do and how they live. We highly recommend that you visit Duchess Bake Shop, The Bower, and Three Boars Eatery to see examples of our collaborations, or check out our projects here. We also invite you to enjoy our products in your own spaces by shopping at select locations across Canada or right here through our shop. Please contact us anytime to inquire about collaborations or products.